Our Journey

Our Journey

Meet Elisabetta de Simone Niquesa, the creative woman behind the brand name.

  • Luigi and Elisabetta de Simone Niquesa fell in love in Rome many years ago, and a particularly Italian passion flows through the fine jewellery house they founded. Luigi, a professor of economics, began his career in hospitality, while Elisabetta studied literature, art and music. United by their mutual appreciation of culture and the arts, the couple’s love of exceptional things led them to the intimate atelier of Ruggero Rocchetti: a third-generation Italian goldsmith, with whom they struck up a firm friendship.

    Having been fascinated by gemstones since she was a little girl playing with her great-uncle’s collection of shells, stones and cameos, Elisabetta fell in love with the process of creating exquisite jewels. Working with Ruggero on beautiful bespoke pieces ignited her passion for design and in 2013 Niquesa Fine Jewellery was born, with Elisabetta at the helm as creative director.

    Today Elisabetta and Ruggero work in partnership. The jeweller uses his decades-old artisanal skills to bring Elisabetta’s concepts and designs to life in exotic, eye-catching jewels that appeal to an international clientele while retaining that unmistakable Italian flair.

    Each Niquesa Fine Jewellery collection is inspired by one of Elisabetta’s passions: from dance and opera to architecture and nature, and her colourful designs champion unusual combinations of precious and semi-precious stones.

    From the Venice collection, inspired by the Carnival of Venice, to the Ophidian range which reflects the texture and movement of serpents, Niquesa jewellery exudes a warmth that stems from Elisabetta’s desire for each piece to have a soul. For Elisabetta, a single bold jewel is enough to transform a look and mood, and her striking designs reflect this ideology.

    Crafting a fine jewel from sketch to finished piece is an incredibly romantic experience, one which Elisabetta wants her clients to share. When customers step into Niquesa’s extraordinary London atelier, they are treated to a journey of discovery. In this splendid oasis of calm in Belgravia, clients explore the finest gemstones and discuss their design ideas, while being educated on creative ways to turn those concepts into an exquisite piece of art.

    Whether a signature collection or a bespoke piece, all Niquesa fine jewels are handcrafted in traditional ateliers in Italy and the UK, by artisans who marry centuries-old techniques with the latest technology to create extraordinary jewels that will be treasured for generations.